LabelOn™ Benchtop Oval and Flat Labeling

Oval and Flat – Single and Double Sided Labeling

If you have requirements of 1000 pcs a week or more, the LabelOn™ Bechtop Flat and Oval 1 or 2 labels machine will pay for itself extremely quickly. It will also make your shelf presence look like you were using accurate packaging equipment 4 or 5 times more expensive than this unit.

We can even configure this machine (at point of manufacture) so that it achieves an astonishing feat – a single full wrap of an oval product!!

Flat and Near Flat Label Applicator
LabelOn Basic Oval Double Sided Better Pic
Labeling Machine Specifications:
Series: LabelOn™ Benchtop
Model: Flat and Oval One or Two Sides
Labelling accuracy: ±1.0mm
Typical Labelling speed: 8 to 15 Pieces / min
Product Height: 25mm to 250mm
Product Width: 25mm to 150mm
Product Thickness: 5mm to 125mm
Label Length: 12.5mm to 250mm
Label Height: 12.5mm to 150mm
Label Roll Core: ID Φ76 mm
Label Roll Diameter: OD Φ280mm
Machine Dimensions (L × W × H) 850mm×410mm×720mm
Power supply: 110/220V 50/60HZ
Total Power: 145W
Air Pressure (Mpa): 0.4 to 0.6Mpa


Oval and Flat Single and Double Sided
Full Wrap Oval


LabelOn™ Benchtop Flat and Near Flat Label Applicator

Flat and Near Flat Surface Labeling

If your labeling tasks are now reaching 500 products a week or more, then you will appreciate how much time you will save with this and how much more consistent your product can look when you apply your labels with a semi automatic process.

Suitable for projects and labeling tasks where you have in excess of 500 products a week. This is a simple, cost effective mechanism to get your processes in line with being able to supply the small, the medium, and gearing up for the big guys.

The LabelOn™ range extends beyond this semi-automated LabelOn™ Benchtop Range.

The next step from this range would be the LabelOn™ Mini where you have a small footprint inline machine with its own conveyor. This range is small to medium volume labeling capacity.

Following the Mini Range is the LabelOn™ Basic range where you have a medium footprint, higher capacity dedicated product range capability with medium to high volume labeling capacity.

The step beyond the LabelOn™ Basic range is the LabelOn™ Modular or Contractor range. This is a full sized inline machine with unparalleled versatility and configured for the most efficient and intuitive product changes possible.

Flat and Near Flat Label Applicator
LabelOn Benchtop Flat and Near Flat Bottles
Labeling Machine Specifications:

Series: LabelOn™ Benchtop
Model: Flat and Near Flat
Labeling accuracy: ±1.0mm (±1/16th inch)
Typical Labeling speed: 8 to 30 Pieces / min
Product Height: 25mm to 190mm (1.0 inch to 7.5 inch)
Product Width: 25mm to 190mm (1.0 inch to 7.5 inch)
Product Thickness: 2.54mm to 190mm (0.1 inch to 7.5 inch)
Label Length: 12.7mm to 127mm (½ inch to 5.0 inch )
Label Height: 12.7mm to 127mm (½ inch to 5.0 inch)
Label Roll Core: ID Φ76 mm (ID Φ 3 inch)
Label Roll Diameter: OD Φ304mm (OD Φ up to 12 inch)
Machine Dimensions (L × W × H) 711mm×387mm×355mm (28 inch×15¼ inch×14 inch)
Power supply: 110/220V 50/60HZ
Total Power: 200W
Air Pressure (PSI): 40+ PSI


Oval and Flat Single and Double Sided
Near Flat Bottle Labeling

Top Bottle Labeling With or Without Feeders

Automated Standalone Top Bottle Labeler

Suitable for various flat products such as plastic boxes, DDR, note book, aluminum foil bags, etc. It can be connected to production line to increase production.

LabelOn™ Mini are Tabletop Labeling Machines with smaller footprints designed for smaller businesses or start up companies who understand the struggle of placing labels to their products by hand. They can be widely used in different size bottles designed for smaller production run.

Tabletop Round Bottle Labeling Machine

ADR-110 Tabletop Round Bottle Label Applicator

Can be widely used in various vertical round bottles. Suitable for small production.

LabelOn™ Mini are Tabletop Labeling Machines with smaller footprints designed for smaller businesses or start up companies who understand the struggle of placing labels to their products by hand. They can be widely used in different size bottles designed for smaller production run.

Accurate Labeling Machine for Greater Production Proficiency

Why do people tend to shop in supermarkets? One top answer is, “Because they provide variety of products needed in everyday living.”  Wait, did he say variety?  How is this for variety?!

Product Labels

Supply and demand is probably one of the most basic principles of economics which is the backbone of a market economy. Demand identifies just how much (volume) of a product or service is desired by consumers.

The greater a merchandise is needed, the greater the demand, the more the production expenses are amortised within each individual item and could be sold at a more affordable value towards the consumer. The law of demand states that, if all other variables remain equal, the greater the cost of a good, the less people will demand that good. Put simply, the greater the price, the lower the quantity demanded.

Most Common Steps in Manufacturing a Product

Take into account the volume of merchandise produced daily! The most typical stages in manufacturing a product prepared for retail market involve Filling, Capping, Sealing, Labeling and Packing. While each one of these can be carried out manually, by far, the most difficult and often frustrating task is applying self-adhesive product labels by hand.

If a labeling machine would carry out its job flawlessly, it would likely raise the effectiveness of all the preceding steps carried out to be able to prepare a merchandise market ready. There will be no rejects, no wasted labels and containers, no product thrown away and no natural resources wasted.

The Labeling Machine Responsibility for the Manufacturer

The manufacturer’s labeling machine has a big responsibility because it is the labeling that is the primary presentation packaging of the product. During manufacture, if this stage of production goes wrong it could push costs through the roof for the plant operators and owners resulting in necessary price increases to recover these costs which are passed on to the consumer (if they will accept them). Higher costs or poor shelf presence due to borderline labeling may ultimately lead to the loss of sales.

In production, when you are letting through a lower quality item by not rejecting it because it is considered borderline or perhaps the best your labeler is capable of doing, you are working against your business’ personality in the market place. If you are interested in preserving your product and company’s identity, it would make more sense to do the job right the first time instead of having to reject a number of produced items.

The Right Labeling Equipment

Look at the picture above and decide whether you can sacrifice the look thereby the quality of your finished product just because you have decided you wanted to save a few dollars instead of investing in the right labeling equipment.

Contact us today.  We can certainly help you achieve your production goals.

The Right Labeling Equipment

Choosing Your Labeling Equipment

This article focuses on self-adhesive label applicators.  These are the type of label applicators that typically automatically apply sticky labels to bottles, tubs and/or cartons.

A good start to your search for labeling machines is to identify the benefits you hope to achieve by moving to automated product labeling.

The key benefits to look out for automating you product labeling are:

– Significantly increased production capacity
– Labour Savings on a per unit basis
– Consistency of label application and the product’s shelf appearance – especially important in the pilot launch volumes stage.

With the above benefits in mind it is a good idea to establish the maximum budget you can justify because properly allocating a capital expenditure budget will enable you to maximize the operational benefits that are available when selecting your labeling machine.  There are a significant number of Label Machine suppliers ranging from almost unbelievably low cost China options to high end high ticket suppliers in Europe or the US.  It’s a good rule of thumb to remember that for the very low cost options you get what you pay for.  For the medium to higher end labeling equipment the thinking needs to change from looking for the lowest cost option to looking for the “Best Value” option.

Unmentioned Cost with Operating Labeling Equipment includes:

Labeling Equipment

Labeling Equipment

1.0 Maintenance and Servicing:

Many higher end machine suppliers have significant size service departments and these service departments often report as separate operating units within the machine suppliers company, operating units that have to make a profit.  To this end there is often little incentive for these machine suppliers to provide equipment that is intuitive to self-service or to supply parts at a low cost plus margin basis.  These suppliers usually charge high call-out fees and hourly rates.  On the up side you do get service and can operate with less technical staff or less technical contractors. On the flip-side low end machinery suppliers may not have adequate communications, machine records or service capabilities.

2.0 Product Change-Over:

Lower end machines are more dedicated and may not be able to accommodate for many variations in your product or label requirements.  If they can accommodate for product changes the change over time can extend into a many hours long process requiring a great deal of fiddling to get right.

3.0 Staff Acceptance:

Often overlooked, machinery that is not intuitive or looks daunting to operate and service can be a hard sell to your operating staff.  This cost can be the most costly one as machinery not properly accepted by staff will not be utilised properly or maintained properly.

The typical price ranges for a two labels (front and back labeling machine) you can expect for labeling machine suppliers would be:

Low End machinery            USD 10,000 – 25,000
Medium End machinery     USD 30,000 – 75,000
High End machinery           USD 60,000 – 150,000

For all but the most basic applications with few to no product change-overs Low End Machinery should be avoided if you have enough budget allocated.  For all but the most demanding high speed applications the High End machinery should be avoided.

For most applications, especially where some versatility is required, the medium end label applicators should be considered.  When looking at these ranges of equipment do look out for the Best Value Labeling Machine Proposition.

What to Do with a Bunch of Labeling Machine Quotations

Labeling Machine Quotations

Labeling Machine Quotations

Labeling Machine Quotations

Before spending on a capital piece of equipment like a label applicator, due diligence will usually require you obtain a number of quotations to compare; this is especially the case if you have not used label applicators before.

You want the best value piece of equipment that fits your budget to apply labels.  This article seeks to assist you in logically prioritizing the quotes you have received and to help point out the key targets that must be satisfied.

1.0 Bottom Line – The Price

Here it is important to understand that the price and the cost of a machine are very different.

A very cheap labeling machine can cost far more than a medium priced machine if that machine causes significant line downtime with slow and difficult set-up procedures or unreliable mechanics and electronics that break down and need replacing.  Imagine your line down for a day or a week with your staff still needing to be paid and your clients being let down with supply, not to mention your lost profits on your product.

A medium priced machine can cost more than an expensive machine if spare parts pricing is prohibitive or if machine service and back up is difficult because that machine does not have well thought out design features to facilitate fast over the phone fault finding or onsite swap out and replacement of parts.

2.0 Who really listened to you?

Looking at your quotation there will be some quotations that stand out because the people providing you with your quotation appear to have really “listened” to what you want rather than supplying a machine they want to supply you with template quotations.  Quotations from people who listened are a good sign that you will be listened to in the future with after sales service and advice.

3.0 Were you dealing with a pawn or the king of the organisation?

Many machine sales people have little to no technical or management background so they will find it difficult to properly understand your requirements on these fronts.  It is often far better to be dealing with some-one senior in a small to medium sized company who can assist in all facets of the machine supply from machine proposals to machine maintenance and operational advice.  These key company people value long term client satisfaction and feedback far more than say a sales executive/manager in a large organisation.

4.0 Machine Service

A supplier boasting a big service team can indicate great after sales service but it can also indicate there is another self-funding business operating within that company.  Spare parts are often a quick and easy way for machine suppliers to make fast money supplying parts you would find hard to source and charging out relatively low paid employees at top dollar rates.  There is little incentive in such an organisation to solve your problems over the phone as they have a team that needs to charge out their time and needs to sell parts to make budget.  A supplier of well-designed labeling machine like the LabelOn™ modular should be able to advise that well over 95% of machine problems can be sorted out over the phone and possibly with the courier of parts.

Machines that rely on service technicians to be available for a visit to sort out a problem can indicate machinery is not that well designed for intuitive fault finding and repair, machine records are not available for the client or a high maintenance budget is inevitable.

LabelOn™ Basic Oval Label Applicator Technical Sheet

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LabelOn™ Basic Flat Label Applicator Technical Sheet

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