Labeling Machine Price Inquiries – How Much?

Nearly every day, we receive inquiries that we cater through the chat engines on our websites. Many inquiries come from start up businesses trying to figure out the best way to present their products on the market; and what labeling options are available to them.

Have you ever been responsible for labeling a product by hand? If yes, then you know all too well that there is nothing simple about it. You will be curious to know the price of automation and if this is something that can be achieved with the use of smaller machines for starters. With a seemingly endless number of labeling machines to choose from, picking the right labeler for your product can be overwhelming.

Perhaps the most anticipated question customers ask with every chat is “How much”.  How much is the price of our labeling machine? Ask yourself, Is this asking the right question?

A good labeling company will take the time to learn about your specific requirement, your packaging and product, production volume and budget in order to determine the best type of product labeler for your specific application. Let us determine if this is the right time for you to own a self adhesive labeling system.

ROI on Labeling Machine

Labeling Machine ROI Sample ComputationSample Computation Only

The above image shows an example calculation of the cost benefit for changing from the current method of labeling to the proposed Labeler Machine.  You may be hand applying, using a label dispenser, using a benchtop label applicator or using another troublesome or slow in-line labeling machine.

The people at LabelOn™ can assist with a computation to suit your circumstances. Most large companies are looking for an ROI of 4 years or under. Any ROI lower than a year is outstanding and indicates you are very late in making your decision to get a labeling machine.

Choosing the Right Label Applicator

Picking the right labeler for your product can be overwhelming with a seemingly endless number of labeling machines to choose from. The LabelOn™ range can help simplify this because is divided into 4 simple categories, each one representing a specific labeling range capacity.

LabelOn™ Bench-Top Hand Crank Round - Made in the USA

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How would you feel about your product on a shelf with skewed label? There are ways to ensure that this does not happen. Major decisions are made to ensure that the packaging quality is indicative of the product itself, because the saleability of your product often comes down to appeal on a shelf. No one wants to see their product hit the consumer market with an appearance that does not reflect their commitment to quality. So please, ask yourself once again, how much is it worth to you to have your own labeling machine?

Let’s chat. We can help you.

LabelOn™ Mini Series

LabelOn™ is introducing the newest addition to its line of labeling machines, the LabelOn™ Mini Series.

LabelOn™ Mini are Tabletop Labeling Machines with smaller footprints designed for smaller businesses or start up companies who understand the struggle of placing labels to their products by hand. They can be widely used in different size bottles designed for smaller production run.

The LabelOn™ Mini Tabletop Label Applicators do everything their more expensive counterpart machines do, but with the fraction of the cost. The demand for these smaller labeler machines is undeniable. Highly accurate, they will apply your labels quickly and efficiently which saves you valuable time and make a huge statement in the appearance of your finished product.

Top Labeler With or Without Feeders

Automated Standalone Top Labeler

Suitable for various flat products such as plastic boxes, DDR, note book, aluminum foil bags, etc. It can be connected to production line to increase production.

Labeling Machine Features:LabelOn Mini Round Top Labeler

  • Adjustable labeling height and angle.
  • Digital control panel controls labeling speed and labeling delay time.
  • Easy to set and read, user friendly Microprocessor and LED screen.
  • Automatic label sensor detection with built-in label stop position ,auto-adjustment
  • No adjustments needed: built-in conveyor automatically matches label speed.; with labeling spacer and counter.
  • Labeling accuracy ±1mm1/25th inch)

Labeler Machine Specifications:

  • Footprint size 950mm (37 inches) long x 580mm (23 inches) wide x 730mm (29 inches) tall
  • Label Roll 75mm (3 inch) core inner diameter; 300mm (12 inch) outer roll diameter
  • Power 110v 50/60Hz
  • Label head stepper motor, Labeling speed: 30~60 pcs / min (depends on containers and labels size)
  • High quality aluminum alloy and Stainless Steel construction.
Label Applicator Available Accessories :
  • Date coder
  • Transparent label sensor
Pouch Labeler or Bag Labeler
Lid Labeler

Benchtop Series

Mini Applicators